Adam Savage comes to NIMBY

Right about the time we were all exhausted from the summer’s projects and that thing in the desert, Adam Savage rolled in and reminded us why we do it. Follow Adam as he discovers what NIMBY is all ab ...see more

“Blood” Filming by Faust Productions at NIMBY

This past March, NIMBY was pleased to once again host a fantastic, original dance video project “Triptych: Journey Through Cancer”. As the name implies, “Triptych” is a three part ar ...see more

Tiny Homes for the Homeless Work Shop

Over the last weekend in February, dozens of volunteers came out to join Oakland based artist Greg Kloehn at NIMBY to build mini homes for the homeless. A continuation of an ongoing project that’s seen ...see more

Updated! “Dust” Film by Jen Faust

In March of 2015, NIMBY was pleased to be the staging ground for the original dance video project “Dust”. Executive Producer Jen Faust, director Dorian Kingi, and a diverse group of dancers, musicians, a ...see more