Mini Maker Faire 2015

NIMBY was proud to participate in the 6th Annual Mini Maker Faire this past Sunday, October 20th at the Park Day School and Studio One space in Oakland. The event draws several thousand people each year and ...see more

NIMBY @ Burning Man 2015

Burning Man is just a few weeks away! Are you excited yet? Or are you frantically searching for a ticket? Just to answer the question you’re thinking and emailing us about… NO, we do NOT have any tickets ...see more

Wonder Dave Davila BDay

Our very own WonderDave Davila intimate BDay intro celebration at NIMBY before he finally escape for a WonderFull weekend of BDay FuN!!! ...see more

Container for Rent!

Look at this beauty!  Clody Cates previously occupied this fine container, expertly and vibrantly hand painted by her. It’s perfectly situated next to other talented Makers at NIMBY to inspire yo ...see more

NIMBY Artist Show and Sell – July 11th and 12th

Did you miss the Trunk Show in May? Well don’t fret, true believers. Stop by the warehouse, located at 8410 Amelia St. in East Oakland, the weekend of July 11th and 12th from 11am to 6pm for your next ...see more

NIMBY’s New Website

Welcome to the new and improved NIMBY website! It was high time for the old website to bow out and a new site, full of awesomeness and other such hyperbolic wonderfulness to take over. We’ve endeavored to ...see more

NIMBY Build Season 2015

This year’s Build Season is under way! Some of our stalwart camps are hard at work repairing, upgrading and giving booster shots to their mutant vehicles. Interested in helping out? Shoot us an EMAIL, and ...see more

Painting the Roof

Here at NIMBY, we’re kind of fond of our bodacious logo, which is why you can find it all over this site, our various vehicles, hot panties (we still have some! Email us!) and stickered around town. But ev ...see more

Precompression 2014

Burning Man presents PRECOMPRESSION at NIMBY! Saturday, June 14th, 7pm-2am Pack your shiny blinky powertools and join us for this multi-environment, indoor-outdoor, grease-monkey-to-glam, big art, downhome t ...see more