The Wedding of Ray Sykes and Diane Gordon

On Saturday, April 4th, NIMBY hosted the wedding of Ray Sykes and Diane Gordon, two of our friends from the Flaming Lotus Girls art collective. Three hundred of their friends and relatives came together from ...see more

NIMBY Build Season 2014

Pretty sure that last year we said “How did we survive Build Season?”, but seriously, guys… How did we survive this year’s Build Season?!?! From May’s visit by the educational and scientifically me ...see more

Precompression 2014

Burning Man presents PRECOMPRESSION at NIMBY! Saturday, June 14th, 7pm-2am Pack your shiny blinky powertools and join us for this multi-environment, indoor-outdoor, grease-monkey-to-glam, big art, downhome t ...see more

NIMBY Build Season 2013

Wow… Did that just happen? Did we actually make it through these past few months? AND get everyone off to the playa for this year’s Burning Man? It’s quite an accomplishment as this was one of the busi ...see more

NIMBY Build Season 2012

After weeks and weeks of skill saws, drills, endless hammering and the constant smell of burning metal from the metal working area… it always seems just a little creepy to have the place go suddenly qu ...see more

NIMBY at Maker Faire 2012

We’d like to extend a big … no a HUGE… “Thank You!” to all of the volunteers who came out and helped at NIMBY’s Maker Faire booth this past weekend. While we’ve done ...see more